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Walk-in bookstores located conveniently throughout the world featuring Savant and Savant-select books, CDs and DVDs


Savant Bookstore Honolulu @ Hawaii Kai
Hawaii Kai Retirement Community in Hawaii Kai

Savant Bookstore Honolulu @ Hawaii Kai
Friday afternoons
1 p.m. to 4 p.m
 446 Kawaihae St
Honolulu, HI 96825 USA

Friday 11 November 2016 - Meet multi-award-winning Savant author Raymond Gaynor, co-author of QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016) in person at Savant Bookstore Honolulu and celebrate the release of his and co-author A. G. Hayes' newest thrillers. Purchase one or more first-edition copies for for yourself, a friend or as holiday gift(s) for only $12.75 -- that's 15% off the already low Savant Bookstore Honolulu price of $15.00 ($16.95 Suggested Retail Price on Amazon and elsewhere) and have it signed and/or dedicated by Raymond Gaynor. 
Passionate about what we do

Savant Bookstores are a safe, convenient, fun place to browse, sample and purchase the best in Savant and Savant-select books, CDs and DVDs.

Unlike many contemporary bookstores where staff don't know their products, Savant Bookstore staff are members of Savant Books and Publications -- our publishing arm -- and know each product inside and out. Looking for a particular title, author, genre or theme? Just ask and we can point you to just the right book, CD or DVD to suit your taste. Need something we don't carry? Not a problem. We can search the internet for the best deal, and special order it for pickup.

At Savant Bookstores, all Savant and Savant-select products are always discounted a minimum of 10% off the suggested retail price and all sales taxes are paid by us as a way of thanking you for visiting our stores. All products sold are new and untouched. And remember, at Savant Bookstores there's never a shipping charge.

All Savant Bookstores accept cash, check or major US credit cards, and Savant bookstores always feature free parking, handicapped access, and are within walking distance a major bus line stop.

More than a place to purchase books, CDs and DVDs

Savant Bookstores are more than a safe, convenient, fun place to buy books, CDs and DVDS. Our stores are a resource-rich meeting place for book, CD, and DVD lovers to meet authors, poets, musicians, audio-video media producers, editors, cover artists and publishing staff face-to-face at regular Savant-sponsored community activities. Savant provides FREE "Meet the Author" and Book/CD/DVD Release parties as well as book signings, "Pitch your Work to the Publisher" and other special events
throughout the year.

Bringing back community bookstores

We're dedicated to not just bringing back, but entirely revitalizing the community bookstore.

Whether you're an avid reader/listener/watcher, or a writer/recording artist/audio-video producer, or a potential investor, owner, or volunteer, you'll find Savant Bookstores are always true to the Savant Books and Publications mission: Publishing, producing, publicizing, marketing and selling significant books and enduring media for the 21st Century.

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